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Download DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D for Android

DEAD TARGET for Android is a thrilling and assassination-packed game project that will drag you out for hours! One state made a deal with very secret laboratories to give the army of that state a very cool vaccine, with which their soldiers would become more powerful and stronger. To do this, they needed test subjects, which turned out to be very violent prisoners.


Now things got out of hand, as the product in the lab lost control and all the prisoners became mutants. They have broken out and are killing ordinary people. But that's only part of the trouble, there's another. All the streets are swarming with crowds of zombies that are ready to devour you at any second. You need to save the world immediately! Kill any creature that gets in your way. And to do so you have a mind-blowing arsenal of weapons that allow you to find a gun to your liking! Then hit the streets and start blasting away at those crazed zombies! Aim your rifle and take accurate shots, or take your machine gun and start shooting randomly! Earn money and experience, and then move to the workshop, where all sorts of improvements and new skins for your weapon await you! After all, each location has a powerful boss waiting for you, who will be hard enough to defeat in this fight!


The graphics in DEAD TARGET are very, very cool! The maximum detail and processing in HD quality will allow you to enjoy 3D models of enemies and all the surroundings during the gameplay! The special effects are performed at the highest level, which plunges you into the world of shooting! As for the controls, everything is the same as in the standard shooter!

Right now you can download the game from our website and get a lot of adrenaline and crazy emotions during the saving of the world!

Download DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D for Android

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